MBA预检验 is our background verification support service at Stacy Blackman Consulting. Our MBA预检验 expert has worked with numerous aspiring MBAs.

The MBA预检验 service includes an offline review of any relevant employment materials and a 30 minute strategy phone conversation.

Through this service, we can uncover and address:

  • if t在这里 are any high risk areas to your employment
  • whether to include or explain something employment-related in your application or after submission
  • gap(s) in employment history personal incidents that don’t appear anyw在这里 on your official record
  • an MBA admission that is conditional pending corroboration of your employment background
    any next steps to take to mitigate identified risks

Click below to sign up for the MBA预检验 service. If you have any questions, review our overview on this topic 在这里 or email:



Our service 在这里 is guidance based on our experience and assumptions. Most MBA programs use Re Vera or Kroll, which are background check systems for which no private entity has access. Re Vera or Kroll are not contractually allowed to engage in any relationships with SBC or any consulting firm, and most MBA programs use a separate operations team to run the MBA background checks outside of their Admissions Office. 

We can not guide third parties; but we can guide the MBA applicant directly via the MBA预检验 service.


(323) 934-3936

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