We are often asked why we’re the best MBA admissions consulting firm. Our track record for MBA admits and scholarships to the elite MBA programs, including Harvard HBS and Stanford GSB, are echoed across the internet in client reviews. SBC is top-ranked on the following sites.

Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) ranks #1 out of eleven firms in this 2021 investigative overview by John Byrne, founder of leading MBA news site Poets & Quants because we are the only firm with a complete panel of former Admissions Officers from every M7 program. SBC has the most former M7 MBA admissions officers and more than 99 years of collective expertise. Over two decades of service, we are proud to have a team of top-ranked MBA admissions consultants. View our best-in-class team of MBA admissions officers and MBA graduates here.

Recent ranking reports by Exam Strategist and Beat the GMAT demonstrate our consistent track record. Beat the GMAT’s 2022 ranking criteria for MBA admissions firms is featured at the chart below.

MBA Admissions Consulting FirmReview VolumeHarvard & Stanford MBA AdComTop 5 MBA AdCom Expertise
Stacy Blackman Consulting122HBS & GSBExtensive
Aringo Overview99NoNone
Personal MBA Coach69NoMinimal
Stratus Prep65NoNone
Vantage Point MBA19NoMinimal


Ranked Best MBA Consultants

Rank | Company NameReviews
1 Stacy Blackman Consulting115
2 Aringo99
3 Stratus Prep64
4 Personal MBA Coach59
5 Veritas32
6 Applicant Lab30
7 MBA Mission9


Ranked Best MBA Consultants

RankCompany Name
1Stacy Blackman Consulting
2Personal MBA Coach
3 Admissionado
4Veritas Prep


Ranked Best MBA Consultants

Rank | Company NameStars (Out of 5)Reviews
1Stacy Blackman Consulting4.96106
3Personal MBA Coach4.8664
5MBA Prep School4.8211
6Essay Snark4.7311

Clear Admit

#1 MBA Admissions Consulting Firm: Insider Knowledge

Rank | Company NameNumber of M7 MBA AdComHarvard (HBS) AdComStanford (GSB) AdComTotal years of M7 AdCom Expertise
Stacy Blackman Consulting2763141
MBA Mission1103
MBA Exchange3006
Personal MBA Coach20010
Stratus Prep0000
MBA Prep School3008
Menlo Coaching0000


Ranked Best MBA Consultants

Rank | Company NameStars (Out of 5)
1Stacy Blackman Consulting5
2MBA Exchange4
5MBA Mission3
6MBA Exchange3
7Veritas Prep3



Rank | Company NameReviews
1Stacy Blackman Consulting654
3Square One487
5Stratus Admissions Counseling133


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